An Insider’s Guide to the Perfect Week on 30A

An Insider’s Guide to the Perfect Week on 30A By Erin Oden While most visitors are drawn to the stunning white sand and emerald water along Scenic Highway 30A, theyRead More >>

Walton County’s Very Own Global Phenomenon: Coastal Dune Lakes

Walton County’s Very Own Global Phenomenon: Coastal Dune Lakes By: Coastal Luxury Did you know that Walton county is home to a rare global phenomenon called Coastal Dune Lakes? TheseRead More >>

6 Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Holiday Party the 30A Way

6 Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Holiday Party, According to Bergdorf’s Decor Mastermind Via: Vogue Magazine Via: Elise Taylor Nothing says “deck the halls” like throwing a lavish holiday party onRead More >>

Decorating Your Vacation Home for the Holidays

Decorate Your Vacation Home for the Holidays! Via Air Concierge Like many homeowners along the Emerald Coast, the holidays are a prime time for renters. If you’ve got guests comingRead More >>

When is the Best Time to Market Your Beach Property?

When is the Best Time to Market? The summer months provide the highest concentration of prospective real estate Buyers and, in turn, we typically see peak sales volumes during thisRead More >>

High-Income Millennials Use Their Buying Power on Luxury Homes

Via: The Washington Post By: Michele Lerner Millennials Dan and Diana Stoltzfus, the owners of a nearly $1 million mansion in Great Falls, Va., are among a small but growingRead More >>

30A’s Hidden Treasure: At Home with the Bowdens

by Erin Oden I recently interviewed Linda Bowden, who shared how she and her husband, former college football coach Tommy Bowden, became 30A locals in Santa Rosa Beach. How didRead More >>

30A Home Price Trends, A Twelve-Year Review

by Erin Oden The home market along Northwest Florida’s Scenic Highway 30A has become well over a billion-dollar annual industry. Dollar home sales volume reached over $1.2 billion for 2016,Read More >>

Third Quarter 2017 Market Trends

The home market along 30-A has continued impressive performance in 2017. The 30-A home market has become well over a billion dollar industry. Volume of sales peeked along 30-A inRead More >>

Setting the Stage: Think of the Buyer as an Honored “Guest”

by Paulette DeGraw In order to switch the “for sale” sign to a “sold” sign, you must think tactically. Coastal Luxury owner Erin Oden says, “If a home is older,Read More >>

Building With Concrete Block vs. Wood-Framed Construction

by Chris Burch Since I began building homes in Walton County in 2005, I’ve seen numerous shifts in construction methods and materials used in residential homes. One of those isRead More >>

You’re Finally a Local. Now What?

by Sallie Paris What tourist doesn’t think, “I wonder what it’s like to live here? How does it feel to finish a workday, ease into a deck chair to beRead More >>

1st Half of 2017 Market

by Erin Oden Home prices along scenic highway 30A’s Coastal Corridor have continued to climb into 2017. There was certainly no softening of the 30A corridor home and condo salesRead More >>

Understanding Brain Fog

by Dr. Bart Precourt If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you have experienced what one might describe as “brain fog.” Symptoms usually include forgettingRead More >>

The 30A Real Estate Market Continues Upward Price Trends

A 12 YEAR REVIEW OF HOME PRICE APPRECIATION ALONG SCENIC 30A The 30A home market has become well over a billion dollar annual industry. Dollar sales volume reached over $1.2Read More >>

Tips for Accessorizing Your Home

By Susan Bohlert Smith, Bohlert Massey Interiors Accessorizing is about personal style and needs to be determined ahead of beginning the project. Having accessorized professionally for both residential and commercialRead More >>

At Home Along 30A

The timeless pleasures of life along the water has a steadfast appeal. By Lynn Nesmith Crystal-clear waters, sugar-white sand, fragrant salt air, and cobalt blue skies engage the senses andRead More >>

To Build New or to Buy an Existing Property? That is the Question.

Whether you are considering relocating to the area, adding to your real estate portfolio, or becoming a first-time buyer of a piece of paradise on the Emerald Coast, there areRead More >>

First Impressions ~ Beach Style

By Kimberly Brundage Photography by Christine Mitchell Having spent most of my life dressing people in fitting rooms and private homes, I know for certain that there is a directRead More >>

At Home in WaterColor with the Avants

Harry and Pam Avant enjoy spending as much time as possible at their exquisite vacation home in Watercolor, Florida. Harry has a long history on 30A, falling in love withRead More >>

Clean. Flat. Dark.

How much do you know about sea turtles and how you can help their populations grow? Watch this short video for an overview of the conservation efforts that happen everyRead More >>

When & Why to use As-is Offer Strategy

As-is offers can be a great way to give yourself a leg up in negotiations, but what are the ramifications to you as a buyer when you submit this typeRead More >>

Buying Out of Town

The most common question I get as an agent is, “How exactly do I shop for real estate from out of town?” Watch this short video and learn how theRead More >>

Stop by an Open House

Off-season is a great time to check out houses that might be hard to access during busier times. Watch this quick video to learn the advantages of following the arrowsRead More >>

2016 Market Report

The 30-A home market has become well over a billion dollar industry. Volume of sales has peeked along 30-A, reaching the historic record high of over $1.2 billion in 2016Read More >>

Real Estate Rules Apply Everywhere!

Even when I’m looking at real estate in another country, some things are remarkably consistent. See what our quaint little 30A has in common with one of the largest skiRead More >>

Let’s Talk About Rentals

For a great number of Buyers, rental revenue is a crucial factor in the affordability of a beach property. In this short video, I talk about some of the keyRead More >>